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Setting up a website:

Like all works of art and all projects of import, no matter how heady the heights they eventually reach, there has to be a beginning. Without one it all gets a bit existentially messy. Although the beginning of this project was a long time ago, no one was really there to see it (given that it began in my head). Although much of the groundwork has already been completed, it now needs more of an official send off - one which I am hoping this site can facilitate.

I've created a website mainly as a bit of a safe space for any would-be collaborators to vet me. I know from bitter experience that, should I be approached by someone I barely know to play music on some grand concept album they'd cooked up, I would want some assurances that they were not complete mentalists. I need to feel comfortable that people won't necessarily be scared off by any form of perceived insanity.

Of course this could be a massive own goal and the act of reading this blog or watching the video on the home page might prompt a swift and immediate change of phone numbers and online social media handles just to get away from me.

I think it's worth me giving a bit of background beyond what has been mentioned. Believe it or not, I am actually a fairly trustworthy chap. I am a doctor and work as a GP at present. If you read the Daily Mail, this might be the point at which you click away in digust. If so, good riddance. For everyone else, read on. While my professional life is deadly serious, outside of this I like to break away from that and branch out from all the sciency and social stuff I do at work.

Hence music. Hence writing. Hence this project. It's been tricky to get this thing started and it seems like each stage has been painstakingly slow (it really has been in the pipeline for years) but as I've edged ever closer to its completion I've more or less enjoyed every bit of it so far. Recruiting people to join in, playing the music, recording it and then writing about it is in some ways the home stretch. Just a very long home stretch.

So welcome to the site. Subscribe for updates on blogs which will chart my progress along the way, vouch for me if you know me in the comments and above all, as I have said already, if I've asked you to get involved, please give it a good thought. Feel free to ask me questions, give me suggestions etc. I am aware that life is busy and everyone (especially at the moment) needs to make ends meet but I really am determined to make this a real blast for everyone involved.


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