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Welcome to Neon Dust website - A site charting the ups and downs of the music project of the same name. 

Neon Dust will consist of two parallel projects - one a  music album and another a book written to explore the process of recording a set of songs from an amateur perspective and to gain insight from across the board of how musicians themselves perceive the strange world of music.

The eleven songs that will comprise Neon Dust are all finished (some to a greater degree of completion than others) and have been written over a number of years.  They vary in genre, ranging from pop, rock and dance. One of them is even an orchestral piece. Armed with these songs, I decided that rather than recording them in the traditional way by putting together a band and recording them all in one batch, it would be far more interesting (and challenging) to do each one with an entirely new set of genre-specific musicians.


In doing so, the hope is that I can gain perspectives from a wide range of different musicians on the subject of music whilst exploring the stories, anecdotes and lives surrounding each muscial journey. At the heart of it, I want to understand why we feel the urge to listen to music but more to the point, why we strive to create it. And I want to understand how the current structure of society's consumption of music has manifested the strange scenario in which many of the most talented amongst them don't always rise to the top.

If that peaks your interest, please, give me a follow on instagram and get in touch with me with any thoughts and musings you might have. Even better, if you are a musician, professional amateur or otherwise, let me know if you want to get involved. If you haven't already, watch the cringey video which will at least demonstrate the fact that I am a real human being. Once you've done that, check out the blog page, read those and then subscribe for udpates etc. If I've asked you to be involved, get on the phone now and repeat the words 'You son of a bitch, I'm in'. Then make a cup of tea to sip while simultaneously experiencing the excitement and wonder at the prospect of being involved in making history. 

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